Tree circles in the Creeklands

There are 13 patches of planted trees in the creeklands that are set back away from Dumaresq Creek (separate from plantings along the creek banks, so falling into the creek isn’t a risk). Each features just one or a few species of tree and most feature a grass or shrub species as well. There is a booklet about these tree circles which includes a map available here Armidale biodiversity walk  (PDF 4MB).

To a child with a little imagination, being in the middle of one of these miniature forests can be a wild experience or a place of stories awaiting their creation. So, don’t just look at them – go in, be in, listen, smell, feel, then peak out. 

Space between trees and shrubs with fallen gum leaves on the ground and live leaves in the foreground.
Tree circle 13 has Ribbon Gums planted in a spiral. Follow the line of trees; explore the spaces between them. What lives in the bark, leaf litter or on leaves? It is at the east end of the Creeklands near our future Urban Forest – access from the bicycle track or through Phil Wheaton Oval.
Photo courtesy of Helen Webb
Patch of trees several metres high surrounded by shrubs  and mown parkland with a bicycle track winding past.
Planting area 9 includes native herbs and shrubs as well as trees – there are places to walk into this different world. Find it near Douglas St north. Photo courtesy of Helen Webb

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