Places to go, play to do

Places to go for nature play in Armidale and nearby towns

Here are some suggestions for places to do nature play when you and your children leave your home for exercise, and ideas for how to use those places. See Being Outdoors With Nature on why playing outside around your home and in other places that offer different opportunities are both really important. You can find more about that in our Resources and other sites

Choose one or a few spots near home that your children can walk to and get to know intimately over many visits – these may have to be quick visits or brief stops on a longer walk during Covid19 restrictions, but over time they add to valuable learning and development. Also choose places a bit further away when a different experience is needed.

Try to ensure your routes include somewhere with interesting natural features like trees, logs, rocks or seeding grasses then learn with children which are their favorite spots on a regular walking route. Let them know when they can run ahead or linger to enjoy nature play as well as exercise. Encourage play, enquiry and imagination along the way.

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