Walking tracks

On the edge of Armidale there are long walking tracks through strips of woodland in old ‘road reserves’ with no formed road.

  • Judith St between Ross St and Gentles Road – try a loop walk via Kelly’s Plains Road & Ross St
  • Scholes St between Link Rd and Duval campus – paved track for cycling or walking goes under the highway (that bit can be slippery)

There are lots of other walking routes along quiet roads with interesting natural features like trees, logs or wildflowers – children can find places on a regular walking route to run ahead to, or to linger in, enjoying nature play as well as exercise.

  • Will yesterday’s flower still be open?
  • Can I keep my balance all the way to the end of the log today?
  • Has that caterpillar eaten the whole leaf, grown bigger or pupated?
  • Find out next time you go that way.

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