Wildlife Habitat Group (WHG)

Wildlife Habitat Group (WHG) was initially formed to preserve wildlife habitat through a focus on iconic species preservation, specifically the koala, within the urban and peri-urban areas of Armidale and more broadly across the Armidale Regional Council area. As pressure increases on native populations through climate change and land-clearing for housing and agriculture, WHG hopes to work with Armidale Regional Council, and other relevant bodies, to inform and educate about the importance of conserving our native fauna and flora through strategies such as the Council’s register of koala sightings and the development of a regional Koala Plan of Management.

This photo of a koala in an Armidale backyard has become one of our favorite pictures
WHG was part of community action which saved this lane from becoming a two lane street
WHG meetings are held every six weeks- and wherever possible outdoors. Here we were in Central Park on a beautiful afternoon
WHG protested to Armidale Regional Council about the destruction of an area of Yellox Box-Blakely Rdd Gum Grassy Woodland, an endangered ecological community; ARC is planning to establish an offset area.
WHG members are involved in actions to save habitat and foster biodiversity
Sustainable Living Armidale has hosted a number of monthly forums with a Wilderness Habitat focus: in March 2020 Dave Carr presented a fascinating insight into the world of koalas across New England.
These travellers were photographed near Invergowrie late last year.

Meadow butterfly in Drummond Park earlier this year. WGH supports Armidale Regional Council’s decision to protect natural meadowlands, Photo KBoyd
WHG is working with ARC to protect heritage trees such as this one which is marked by a survey cut. Photo: J Rose
Insect Hunt- Sun Skink: WHG latest project is Nature Play for people of all ages- promoting being outdoors while protecting and conserving animals and plants. photo: Kate Boyd

Feel free to join the Wildlife Habitat Armidale Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/142550803417679/?ref=group_header

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